Craig Henderson

PhD Research Student exploring techniques in Computer Vision, Machine Learning using C++

My research interests centre around object tracking and retrieval in video and temporal still images, particularly in low frame-rate and multi-angle scene imaging such as CCTV. I am experimenting with object search and re-identification with a goal to locating offenders in previous footage by way of distinctive clothing or markings such as tatoos.

Machine Vision Research

Large-scale forensic analysis of security images and videos

with Professor Ebroul Izquierdo

6th Doctoral Consortium, BMVC 2014, Nottingham, 5th September 2014

Our research is concerned with the practical application of computer vision in the forensic analysis of security images and videos. Contemporary literature make use of high-definition images and Hollywood feature films in their datasets, and there is little or no assessment of algorithms' performance using poor quality images with variable frame rates and uncontrolled lighting conditions such as security video.

Work so far has produced a methodology for matching features across low quality images that yields an improved results over existing feature matching techniques. Future work will involve innovation in search and retrieval online machine learning to train models from unlabelled data, and segmentation of one-shot videos to aid computer and human analysis of long-running video sequences. We are motivated to produce an integrated system for police investigators to use a query-by-example search and retrieval system with relevance feedback and machine learning to incrementally discover evidence in criminal investigations.

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